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Trans Mongolian trains, Ulaanbaatar Station, Beijing Main Station and Yaroslovsky Train Station | Train to Mongolia
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In Trans Mongolian trains, there are three main station; Ulaanbaatar Station, Beijing Main Station and Yaroslovsky Train Station and other 24 mainly train stations.

The trans-mongolian railway in the gobi desert

At each track there will also be a sign with the train number, time of departure, and destination. In some cities, railway stations have underground or bridge system for passengers to get to the appropriate track.

In the train station, your train will come a few minutes ago. So, even though, you come early, you can take on the train.
In all main station, attendant and local Railway information staffs informed for all, where the train stops or how many hours train departure again.


Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
ULAANBAATAR TRAIN STATION (All domestic and international train departure)
Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia Train station)

Moscow (Russia)

YAROSLAVSKY TRAIN STATION - Metro: "Komsomolskaya"
"Trans-Siberian" trains, and to China, Korea, Urals

Beijing (China)

BEIJING MAIN (CENTRAL) TRAIN STATION (Mao Jia Wan Str. in Dong Cheng District)
Trains to Moscow, Pyongyang, Ulaanbaator, Harbin, Shanghai, etc.

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