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Soft sleeper cabin

Only in Chinese train, there has soft sleeper compartment

Only in Chinese train, there has soft sleeper compartment. It is just combination of second class and first class cabin. Soft sleeper cabin has 4 berths. But, deluxe cabin berths are here 4, with 36 people in each carriage

Further, in soft sleeper cabin, there has also hot water boiler, communal toilets and wash-basin at both ends of each carriage.
Train attendant give you blanket with bedding. There are 1 – 2 attendants.

Soft sleeper class tends to be very social with cabin doors left open during the day and people chatting in the corridors, whereas in first class there is a little more space in the cabin and so you tend to keep the door closed.
In Tuesday train # 23, Friday train # 24, and train # 3/4, you can buy the soft sleeper class ticket.




Soft sleeper Sleeping Carriage

Mongolia, China, Russia Soft sleeper cabin


*Train #362 has only second class carriages with 4 berths in 1 cabin. It is possible to buy an extra berth each to give two people sole occupancy of a second class compartment.
*On the trains there is normally a plug on the corridor (so the provodnitsa can vacuum the carpet!) and in first class there may be a plug in your cabin. Electricity is 220 v AC voltages. You will need a European type power plug with two round pins (similar to the two pin round plug in China as well) Often the power on the train is switched off and we have heard of entrepreneurial conductors charging portable devices in their cabin overnight, for a price.

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