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In international train, there has restaurant car. Anyway, before your long train voyage, we strongly recommended to you carry some snacks, bottled water, bread, sliced meats, packed coffee or tea etc. If it is ok for you, you can carry some one time bowl or plastic one. From the hot water boiler in each carriage, you can make your own hot and delicious coffee.

Additionally, vendors will prowl the wagons trying to sell you drinks, chips, peanuts, books, newspapers and who knows what else. Tea or coffee are almost always available, just ask the wagon attendant.

In most of stations, trains stops during 5 - 45 minutes. Maybe during this time, why don’t you use this time usefully. Bring some food supplies from the local groceries. And have some rest in outside and breath fresh air, smoke. But, always, high attention for you and your items is necessary.

Ready and waiting for this regular market, babushkas will line up at the stations to sell you boiled potatoes, eggs, sausage, etc. Also, don't be surprised if your travel mates lay out a full spread and invite you to join them.

If these things are problem for you, next possibility is restaurant car. Meals can be priced around 10 – 15$ per person per meal, not including alcohol. However, meals cost can be different each other in Mongolian train, Russian train and Chinese train.

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