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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any restaurant in train?
    Yes, in Trans Mongolian train, in every train, there is restaurant car. Meals are not included in ticket price. You need to buy meals your own extra money and please keep dollar to buy meals.
  2. Is there any private bathroom or shower?
    Mostly customers asked question is this. Showers facilities are generally not offered on trains in Trans Mongolian routes (Manchurian, Siberian). In the deluxe cabin (in China only) 2 cabin have shared shower room. So, it means, you can have a shower only in Chinese train.
  3. What is the difference between deluxe class and 1st class on the train?
    In Chinese, there are three kind of berth type; deluxe class, soft sleeper class, and hard sleeper class. Deluxe class is same as the First class. But, only difference is that in Chinese train there are shower room shared between 2 cabins. First class cabin has in Mongolian train and Russian train. There is no any other shower room.
  4. What is the difference between soft sleeper class and second class on the train?
    As I said above, Soft sleeper class has only in Chinese train. Similarity of soft sleeper and second class; both of has 4 berths in 1 cabin and no shared shower room. Difference between soft sleeper and second class are; soft sleeper has only on Chinese, soft sleeper cabin has 4 soft berths, second class cabin has 4 hard berths.
  5. Can I book tickets in advance many months ago?
    Sure, you can book tickets 4 – 1 month ago. Railway Station train ticketing office sells the tickets 45 – 30 days before departure date. But, they accept in advance booking 4 – 1 month ago. In summer peak season, within 1 month in advance booking has less possibility to buy the tickets. Because, all passengers booked their train tickets early, so, all tickets can be sold out even 1 month before the departure date.
  6. Are there any e- ticket?
    The only weakness of the Trans Mongolian, Manchurian train route, there is no e – ticket booking system. So, you must to book paper ticket. Only in Russian Domestic trains, they serve you as e – ticket.
  7. Can I take my tickets by via email?
    No, it is definitely not possible. Once, there is no e – ticket, original paper tickets will be used only. For Chinese visa, they claims that train ticket, we can give you voucher for your Chinese visa apply. They will accept it.
  8. What about the delivery, do you use DHL, or Fedix?
    There are three kinds of ticket delivery and pick up service.
    One: you can pick tickets up from our offices in Ulaanbaatar, Irkutsk, Moscow and Beijing.
    Second: we can deliver your tickets to your hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Irkutsk, Moscow and Beijing
    Third: Our real partner DHL can deliver your tickets to your home. It takes 2 – 3 work days to come your home.
  9. Are there only a couple of direct trains from UB to Beijing?
    Yes, it is train # 24 and train # 4. For ticket booking in advance, train # 24 has no problem. But, train # 4 is not possible to book tickets in advance. Because, it is a Moscow to Beijing pass train and stopovers in Ulaanbaatar during few minutes. And, Railway ticketing Office sells the tickets of train # 4, only on previous day of departure date, if there are any seats available. We can only give your mane to waiting list.
  10. Do I need to book a ticket on the Trans Mongolian?
    If you're going directly with no hopping off, it's possible to book a ticket all the way from Beijing to Moscow, which will be almost a bum-numbing week of sitting on the train. It's better to hop-off and see things for a couple of days. This may mean that you get stuck in a town a day longer (which happened to us in Datong), but once you're on the Trans Siberian mainline (from Irkutsk to Moscow) trains are fairly regular. (Tourist experience)
  11. How did you eat?
    Forget the dining car. It's usually expensive and the food is pretty sub-standard. Once you get to Russia there are 20 and 30 minute stops (check the timetable before you hop off if you don't want to be stranded on a platform) which allow you to do some hunter gathering.
    Platform stalls and kiosks usually sell noodle cups, beer, water and snacks, but the best ones include roasted chicken, vodka, pre-prepared meals, books, CDs and DVDs. Bigger stops will even have mini-supermarkets.
    In China and Mongolia stops are briefer and you should pack a few snacks to tide you over. (Tourist experience)
  12. What should I pack?
    It's going to be cold no matter when you go, but the train itself is super-heated. This means you'll need cold-weather clothes for outdoors (I wore man-tights for the first time in my life, but also gloves and woolen hats) and a lighter set of clothes for the 30 degree temperatures in your carriage. Some Russians got on the train and changed into shorts or tracksuits to feel comfortable for most of the trip.

    You'll get bedding in most classes but you may also need a towel and a pocket knife will be handy for making your own meals. We also took water bottles which mean less trips back and forth to the samovar. The phrasebook was invaluable and many of our 'conversations' consisted of pointing at words in the book with chatty Russians and Mongolians. (Tourist experience)
  13. How many pieces of luggage are we permitted to carry on Trans Mongolian train?
    You are entitled to have 35 kg of hand baggage free of charge and child who is younger than 12 years old can carry baggage up to 15kg of weight. You are prohibited to carry in your baggage and on your person articles dangerous or hazardous to the carriage or passengers and items controlled by the customs and other regulations. The size of your baggage must not exceed 200sm in three – dimensional measure.
  14. Will there be a toilet on the train?
    Toilets are easily accessible on all the trains and are usually marked with the letters WC. Toilets can usually be found at the front or back of each train car (also known as a coach), and will include a sink, toilet and a locking door.
  15. How to book 2 passengers who want to share a compartment without mor 1 passenger?
    If you give us 2 passengers request, we’ll buy you 2 berths in 1 cabin, even though you are female and male. In train, there are no female or male carriages. So, please leave us comment to book 4 tickets for 2 passengers. Or, simply send us request as 4 person.
  16. How to book 2 passengers who don’t want to share a compartment?
    Book 1 passenger at a time, and select the Single compartment. You will need to do this step twice, once for each passenger. Or, please leave us comments explain your request.
  17. How to book 3 passengers who want to share a compartment without more 1 passenger?
    If you give us 3 passengers request, we’ll buy you 3 berths in 1 cabin, even though you are female and male. In train, there are no female or male carriages. So, please leave us comment to book 4 tickets for 3 passengers. Or, simply send us request as 4 persons.
  18. Can a reservation date be changed?
    Due to the limited availability on overnight trains, if you must change your ticket reservation, try to do so immediately, something like reapply to your agent that you book the train tickets. Or, you can visit the local station at least 24 hours prior to the train’s departure and see what is available. Be aware that your reservation change may be subject to local service fees and/or upgrade charges.
  19. Under train tickets and schedules, does the fare represent per person rate or ttal for everyone?
    Our "Train Tickets and Schedules" section calculates the total cost of your outbound journey first, and it includes the cost for the number of people that you specify. Once you choose an outbound journey, the costs of the return journey appear.
  20. Will there be a toilet on the train?
    Toilets are easily accessible on all the trains and are usually marked with the letters WC. Toilets can usually be found at the front or back of each train car (also known as a coach), and will include a sink, toilet and a locking door.
  21. How many days in advance should I book the tickets?
    Through our site, you can book train tickets at most 6 months and at least 2 months ago. Within 2 months, you can just write us email, we’ll let you know, if there are train ticket available on your travel dates, as information of Railway to us, we can book you tickets. So, in this case, it is not possible to book train tickets full online. Before more than 6 months ago, you can also send us email. After 6 months, train timetable can be changed and price can be changed too. Please see more from the Terms & Condition.
  22. How many days in advance should I book multiple tickets including China, Mongolia and Russia?
    Generally, Chinese and Mongolian train tickets can be booked many months ago. But Russian Railway didn’t sell the train tickets before the 45 days prior. So, they don’t get the booking in advance many months ago. Also, you can book train tickets at most 6 months and at least 2 months ago.
  23. What is “Train to Mongolia” cancellation policy for passes, and A to B tickets?
    Tickets and passes are neither refundable nor replaceable if stolen or lost. Refunds, when applicable, are limited to totally unused, and un-validated passes, tickets and inclusive packages. A minimum 35% cancellation charge applies. Refund amount for tickets will vary depending on the type of fare purchased. Please check the details for more specific refund policies for each ticket. For passes and packages please look at the Terms and Conditions. If cancelled and space released with the station of departure at least 24 hours before train departs, are generally 65% refundable. If reservation is not cancelled, no refund will be granted. If you have already purchased your pass or tickets, please review the terms and conditions that come with your documents for specific information about the cancellation policy for each pass or ticket. To receive you refund on combined tickets and reservation, your refund will be recharged within 14 days, after you cancelled your reservation.
  24. Where do I find your office to pick up tickets?
    # 301, 3rd floor, Bldg. Selena Travel Group, Peace Avenure 79, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    # 301, 3rd floor, Bldg. Selena Travel Group, Peace Avenure 79, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  25. Where do I find Beijing train station?
    BEIJING MAIN (CENTRAL) TRAIN STATION (Mao Jia Wan Str. in Dong Cheng District)
    Trains to Moscow, Pyongyang, Ulaanbaator, Harbin, Shanghai, etc.
  26. Where do I find Ulaanbaatar train station?
    Ulaanbaatar train Station:
    Ulaanbaatar railway station - Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
  27. Where do I find Moscow train station?
    Yaroslavlsky Station: serves Siberia, the Russian Far East, Mongolia and China. Address: 5 Komsomolskaya Ploshchad
  28. How do I find my train when I arrive at the station?
    When you arrive at the station you will find, at main stations, an electronic board in the departure hall, that will shows the train number, the final destination, departure time and platform In Beijing and Moscow. In Ulaanbaatar, information staff will announce which train is going to depart/come, what time train depart/come, on which road etc.

    Each carriage has a number on the door or window that identifies it, at the entrance to the carriage will be a conductor who will check your passport and ticket before allowing you on.
  29. How is the train carriages laid out?
    The main types of carriages on Russian trains are configured as follows.
    First-class Sleeping Carriage

    First class sleeping carriages, also known as "deluxe", comprises nine compartments for two people sharing and one compartment for one person. Each compartment has two berths to sit and sleep on with a table in between and the door can be locked. At each end of the carriage is a bathroom with toilet and wash basin. In first class compartments a passenger has the right to buy both tickets if they wish to have the compartment to themselves.

    Second Class Sleeping Carriage

    In a second class sleeper carriage, also known as "Coupe", there are four berths in each compartment; two lower and two upper ones. The door can be locked and by the window, there is a table. At each end of the carriage is a bathroom with toilet and wash basin. In second class compartments a passenger has the right to buy a maximum of two tickets, so two people travelling together could, if they wish, have the compartment to themselves.
  30. Is travelling by train safe?
    Millions of people travel safely every year on Trans Mongolian railways and in many ways it can be claimed they are the safest trains in the world. Every carriage has one or two conductors, who look after it 24 hours a day. Every passenger gets his ticket checked upon entry and must present a passport to get on the train. Most trains have a police team on board. At every stop the train gets thoroughly checked to make sure there is no minor damage.
  31. Are the trains punctual and what time can I get on my train before it leaves the station?
    Yes, trains are very punctual; it is quite amazing to see a train that has crossed several contents arriving to the minute. However, occasionally they can be late and in these circumstances you are eligible for a refund based on a percentage of the ticket cost for every hour it is late, in practice it is not worth the hassle of claiming this.

    You can board the train 40 minutes before it departs the station
  32. What happens if I miss my train or lose my ticket?
    If you are unlucky enough to miss your train, and you arrive at the station within three hours of its departure, need to make note by the railway staff at the train station and then you are entitled to a replacement ticket on a later train for the price of a third class ticket.

    If you are left behind by your train then you should inform the station master immediately - remember if you need assistance with this and you have a mobile phone, you can always call our office for help. The station master should then arrange for your luggage which is still on the train to be put off at the next station and provide a free ticket for you to this station.

    If you have lost your ticket or it is badly damaged, it is unlikely that you will be issued with a replacement.
  33. Is there any smoking area or doesn’t it agreed?
    Yes, but not in your cabin or corridor areas, only in a special area between the carriages with the connecting doors shut. There is an ashtray there for your butts, do not throw them on the floor or out of the window, this is considered very bad taste. You may find these areas very cold during winter as they are not heated. On some trains the restaurant car will also allow you to smoke, though on some smoking is forbidden and you can only smoke after paying the waitress a "fine".
  34. What sort of things should I take with me on an overnight or long distance train?
    Example as:

    Light clothes, such as T-shirts and Jogging bottoms or shorts, open slippers or sandals - Russian trains can get hot and this is far more comfortable, also Russians don't like the idea of people wearing outdoor clothes and shoes in an area they sleep and eat.
       - Toiletries
       - Always bottled water maybe beer if want
       - Bread, sausage, cheese and pickles will go down well (especially with beer). Often you can share these          with  your travelling companions who will often seem to have brought half their kitchen with them!
       - A carrier bag for rubbish - you will find a bin area at the end of the carriage next to the toilet.
       - A good book for the long distance trains is always welcome.
       - Feminine hygiene products - it is very difficult to ask for this in a foreign language.
  35. Is there any children seats or ticket?
    There are no more children seats or berths. But, you can and children get cheaper tickets as well, around 50 – 75% discounted price. There are 2 different prices for children in Trans Mongolian train. Children between 5 and 12 years old the tickets have up to 50% of the adult cost and they get their own berth. Below the 3 years old children need to buy tickets without seats. One adult can take one child who is up to five years old free of charge, though they do not get their own berth.
    When boarding the train the child must show either their own passport, be listed in their parents passport or have a copy and translation of their birth certificate. If the child is listed in a parent’s passport then this must include a photograph of the child to allow them board the train. 
  36. I have further questions, can you help me?
    If you have further more questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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