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Ulaanbaatar-Beijing, Moscow, Ulan-Ude tips for train travelers | Train to Mongolia
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Tips for Train travellers

Before journey: 
Please come to the train station at least 1 hour before departure to allow enough time to find the right platform, especially for the Beijing - Moscow trains, which only stop in Ulaanbaatar for about 30 minutes.

Depending on the country there are few kinds of the luggage weight allowance for transporting in train without any charge. In Mongolia, you are allowed to take 35kg of luggage, but for tourists, this is rarely checked, except when departing Beijing. In China, passenger trains are divided into three classes - the hard-seat class, the hard-couchette class and the soft-couchette class. An adult passenger is allowed to carry 20 kilograms of luggage free of charge each time taking a train, a child 10 kilograms and a diplomat 35 kilograms. The weight in excess of these standards will be chargeable for the luggage consignment fee.

Don't forget to take your dictionary of the country you are visiting.

You should get some clothes to change such as slippers, t-shirt etc. when you get into the train, because it isn't cold, sometimes quite warm in the train.

If you do not speak the language of the country you are traveling through, make sure you carry a basic bilingual dictionary with you. Otherwise, your ticket providing agent staffs will teach you or you can ask them more.

During journey:
Meals price doesn’t included to your ticket cost. So you can have your meal at the restaurant carriages on the train, buy them your own money.

Note that toilets are normally locked whenever you are in a station and for five minutes before and after each stop.

Showers are only available in the deluxe carriages. In 2nd and 1st class, there is a washroom and toilet at the end of each carriage.
There is NO CONDITION in the train, just feel natural condition by the window. But, in winter there will be heating system.

After journey:
You should check if your all luggage is checked out.
If you don't know the city that you are arriving into, you must manage someone is picking you up in that country or if there isn't anyone who can pick you up, you should apply "Solid Ways" for this service. We do an arrangement for pick up and transfer the visitor to planned destination after the train. Our this kind of services are really affordable and safe, so contact us at Transfer request form.

After leaving the train you might face another one problem. Almost all of the drivers of the taxi in Mongolia, Russia and China don't speak English. In this case you should ask whether the driver speaks English or you need maps.

If you get a taxi with a driver who can't speaks English, you can't tell where you are going. For to avoid from this case you must write down the address and the name of the hotel that you are staying in, by the language of that country on the piece of paper, before the train.

Crossing borders:
Crossing borders on the train requires filing custom declaration. Make sure to list any items of value, and also any currency you have with you. Keep it well for you for next checking.

In Chinese - Mongolian or Mongolian Chinese border, it takes ~ 1 - 3 hours. After you are checked your visa, or train tickets by custom officer, can sleep or do something.

Of course long stops is dangerous than few minutes stop. Take care for your items

Dogs are required to be placed in the baggage wagon. The owner must provide a cage and feeding. There are no official rules about smaller pets (cats, birds, small dogs...).

We do not recommend carrying any pets with you inside the regular passenger’s cabin for long distances. Further, according to the rule of Railway ticketing office,

Safely onboard trains
You know, all passengers come from any kind of country in International train, especially in Travel high season. Carriage attendant will give you an additional lock for the cabin door. In most Russian or Mongolian trains are patrolled by the police regularly.

Train travel in Russia, Mongolia or China can be not too much safety. Because, train passes during local town. There can be thieves. It is better to keep your valuables on your body.

There is no other smoking cabins or carriages in the train. But, smoking is not allowed inside wagons or cabins. There is a place to agreed for smoking at the end of the each wagon.

You are entitled to have 35 kg of hand baggage free of charge and child who is younger than 12 years old can carry baggage up to 15kg of weight.

You are prohibited to carry in your baggage and on your person articles dangerous or hazardous to the carriage or passengers and items controlled by the customs and other regulations. The size of your baggage or suitcases should be within or less 200sm in three – dimensional measure.

The luggage space is located under the lower bunks, and up top (upper shelves in 3rd class and closet type box in the 2nd and 1st classes).

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